We buy from the same companies as they do. There are no others. So the playing field starts even.

Here we go …

So what is the one thing you can do to get the best price? It’s simple. Tell us your budget or target price. Then we work backwards to find the right item from the best manufacturer, to fit your needs. 

1. LOWER SHIPPING COSTS – Most of the online promotional products companies are back East. So when you go online to find an item with them, you don’t know whether you’re buying from a company in Florida or California. Where they produce the item makes a HUGE difference in the cost of the shipping … which effects the overall cost of YOUR job.

When we quote, we search our database for companies in Southern California first (of which there are a lot) and then all of the West Coast. This way in most cases we can find a local manufacturer with lower shipping costs because they are closer or no shipping costs at all in some cases because we sometimes pick-up.

2. FASTER DELIVERY TIMES – Ground shipping by UPS or FEDEX from back East takes 4-5 days. And from the Mid-West takes 3 days. Most of the manufacturers in Southern California are only a one day ship to us (or directly to you) or two days from Northern California. So this means you get your product(s) faster from us. Make sense?

3. “LOSS LEADER” ITEMS – These online websites are like supermarkets. They offer “loss leaders” to get you to buy and then you assume that all their items are cheap. So we want to clarify this, NOT ALL ITEMS ARE LOSS LEADERS!!!. No one can sell everything really cheap and stay in business, right? So they depend on the buying of additional items to make their money after they suck you in. We encourage you to compare “TOTAL” prices for yourself, before you buy.

4. MONTHLY SUPPLIER SPECIALS – As a licensed Promotional Product Distributor, we all buy from the same manufacturers/suppliers as we stated before. What this means is that we receive the same monthly specials from our manufacturers that the online websites do. The difference is they post the specials on their websites. But since we don’t have the manpower to update prices on our website all the time, we keep our monthly specials in a file. And match up our clients needs when we do a quote, with these monthly specials. So the next time you need giveaways, give us a call for the prices as good as ANYONE!!!. 

5. "PRICE MATCH" PROGRAM – And if all this ALL is not enough, we’ll make it simple … as long as we can find the item you need, we will match any price (and beat it if we can). We understand that online websites offer some pretty good prices “sometimes”, if we can find it, we’ll match any price so you can buy it from a local company, verses an online internet company based on the East coast, or from a manufacturer all around the country … let’s keep the business in California!!!


This is not always easy, but that’s been our job for over 35 years … guess we must be doing pretty good at it, right? 

"We'll going to earn your business with service and savings."

How WEST COAST PROMO Competes With Online Promotional Products Websites & WINS!


Give us a call or send us an email today, with the answers to these questions (the more info you give us, the better job we can do for you!) …

1. What is the item you need (if necessary please describe)?
2. What color do you need it to be?
3. Is there a size for this item (or just normal)?
4. How many items do you need?
5. How many imprint colors do you need printed?
6. Is the imprint SPOT COLOR(S) or a FULL COLOR imprint?
7. When do you need them in your hands? (Remember if your    show or meeting is Thursday, you will need them at least          one day before. Tell us that day – too many people tell us        Thursday. And if UPS does not arrive by 2 pm, it will be too      late for you.)
8. Where do they need to be shipping to? (Your office, a show,    a location, etc.) What is the zip code?
9. Any other special instructions (please explain)?


"Serving Local Businesses Since 1979." 

We are often asked the question, “How do your prices compare with online promotional companies?” We’d like to address this question. But before we address the five ways we compete, we want to mention that there are about 3500 manufacturers/suppliers that support our industry.

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