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TRUE STORY:Recently we received a quote request from a trucking company in New York City. (We're located in California.) They wanted some business gifts for their staff. Our Promo Shoppers ran a couple of searches based on their specifications and found a company just     A MILE AND A HALF from their location in New York, who had exactly when they needed. By doing this, we saved them a lot on shipping costs and incoming shipping time too. The client was very, very happy.

Our ImageQuotes (fast quotes) are designed to make you look good in front of your boss. Just print out the color quote and show it to your boss or marketing team. Instead of just printing out pages from a website, image how much better you will look when you lay one of our ImageQuotes out on the table?

We believe that the better we can make you look, the better we look too. Give us a call at 888-422-6722, email us at wcpromoresource@aol.com or click on REQUEST A QUOTE below and give us as much information as you can. The more information we receive, the better job we can do for you. Get started today!

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When most people today, call a promotional company and ask for a quote, the customer service person often sends you to their website. Right? Is that the type of service you want? The reason you're probably calling is not only to find the best price on a promotional items, you also want to tap into their industry experience. Experience that can help make you look good to your boss or piers by finding the right product for your specific event.

This is why West Coast Promo Resource created an "ImageQuote" (see the image above) for our prospects and clients. We research and prepare it in this 24-hour quote. An ImageQuote consists of two parts. FIRST we prepare an image which includes a product photo and some of the product specifications.

The SECOND part of an ImageQuote is the pricing which includes the four parts of a promotional product quote: The product, the setup charge, sales tax and incoming shipping. It all four of these parts that make up your total cost. With this in mind, that's why we consider your location and look for find a supplier in your location.

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