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OBJECTIVE: This Realtor was new to the business and his pockets were empty. So while he could have started farming door-to-door like everyone else in Los Angeles, he felt it was going to be too long of a process for him.

STRATEGY/CAMPAIGN: We brainstormed locations where lots of people came through and came up with this. We decided on the airport. So we printed a variety of household giveaway items and he took them to LAX in a tote bag which was strapped around his shoulder. He went there every afternoon for a month and passed them out to people just getting off the plane from China at the International terminal. On the items we printed. "If you need any information about LA or assistance here, just give me a call anytime." Suddenly about a week later he started getting a call here and a call there, until he got so busy that he had to stop going to the terminal. Obviously, yes he helped them, but then talked to them about their Real Estate needs. And he created a data base and kept in touch regularly.

RESULT: He was very happy with the results, got many, many local leads and still buys items from us.


Realtor Spends Time At The 

Airport Greeting New International Arrivals With


TYPE OF COMPANY: P&C Insurance agency OBJECTIVE: The agency wanted to start a sales promotion to increase sales through it's agents for next quarter.

STRATEGY/CAMPAIGN: This agency had created many sales campaigns before and it was plain to see that a standard approach was not going to work. So we decided to get their spouses involved. We created a mailer which offered a wide variety of household items. Then we started the program by mailing a package to each of the agent's homes (not the office). The idea was to get their spouses involved in what their husband or wife could win. We included items like microwave ovens, washer and dryers, three day weekends and more. We hoped that the spouse would motivate them to work a little harder to win one of these items.

RESULTS: The program was very successful. It became their second best promotion in the 17 year history of the agency. Now the wives are calling and asking when the next program starts?


To Motivate Their Sales Staff, Insurance Firm

Targets Spouses With Promotional Items.

TYPE OF COMPANY: Local pizza shop

OBJECTIVE: The new phone book was coming out soon and a new pizza shop was opening in our small tight community. All the pizza shops usually worked together to market themselves. When the new phone book came out, most all the pizza shops had their normal quarter page ad ... which is what we all always did. Much to all the shop owners' surprise, the new pizza shop had taken out a FULL PAGE AD in this year's book. This was going to really hurt us.

STRATEGY/CAMPAIGN: Being very concerned that a majority of the pizza business was going to go to the newcomer, all the pizza shops got together to develop a plan. We felt like we had been betrayed and lied to us. What can we do about the full page ad that is going to be in the neighborhood phone book all year long? So we decided to play a little hard ball too. We all started running local ads saying, "Bring in the full page phone book ad from Tony's Pizza Shop and we will give you a FREE large pizza".

RESULTS: In no time at all, all the full page phone book ads from TPS in our City were gone. All the ads in homes, phone booths and offices. We hated to do it and it really ticked off the new owner, but we all felt it had to be done.


Local Pizza Shop Owners Team 

Up To Make A


TYPE OF COMPANY: 100 year old toy manufacturer from Japan with a national office in Southern California.

OBJECTIVE: They signed up for the large annual 3-story toy show in Chicago after the deadline. When they found out their booth location they learned it was a booth in the basement. A place which historically did not receive much traffic. In trying to move it they learned nothing else was available so they were stuck. Their boss wanted them to show and make sales. What could they do to attract traffic to their booth? STRATEGY/CAMPAIGN: The first thing we did was asked them to put together a list of 100 buyers who they knew were going to the show … or almost always do every year. Then we developed a series of oversized postcards with their most popular toys on them. These toys are famous. So when a toy buyer sees one of these toys today, made famous in 1940, 1950 or 1960, it catches their attention. On the postcard we displayed the product and how many were sold and some other information. These cards were almost a collector's item. At the bottom of each card we played up our new line (soon to be a best seller) was going to be on display at the upcoming toy show in Chicago at this location (booth number). We made up four of these cards and started mailing them six weeks before the show, each a week a part, to the same audience of 100 buyers. We did one last mailing (a fifth) to arrive at each buyer's office three days before they left for the show. This was a small box that had a battery inside along with a printed brochure showing them the 100 year calendar/clock that they will give them FREE, just for dropping by their booth. The campaign was complete. They also had more batteries there for the buyers who came by but forgot to bring their battery with them. It's important for prospects to get what you promise them.

RESULTS: Out of 100 buyers, 53 came by the booth and picked up their gift. That's just over 50% and was considered to be a very successful program for a last minute challenge.


100 Year Desk Calendar Helps Increase Traffic

At New York

Trade Show

TYPE OF COMPANY: A local auto repair shop.

OBJECTIVE: This business was just bought and had been a little neglected. It needed a promotion to generate more new local clients.

STRATEGY/CAMPAIGN: What we had Oscar do is make up a list of all the companies in the area where people visited daily for services like laundry, shipping, printing and others. Then we printed up 2500 pens in the first batch and 72 standard 11 oz. white coffee mugs. On each 500 pens we printed a different offer. One was a discount on an oil change, another a tune-up, tire rotation, etc. Then Oscar went to each business who's customers need to use pens everyday when buying their products and services. He offered to supply them an assortment of pens free and all they had to do was keep the "cup with pens" on their counter for three months. He told them he would come by every week or so and fill up their mug. Most business owners said fine because it would save them money and help them better serve their customers.

RESULT: Over the quarter, Oscar saw his business grow as he picked up many new local customers and the campaign also brought back many old customers that were glad to see the business had changed hands. The area needed a good local garage. Oscar was very happy with the promotion.





TYPE OF BUSINESS: Drive Thru Fast Food Restaurant

OBJECTIVE: To build sales of their drive through service, This company had just completed a new website that made it easy for people to order their breakfasts, lunches and dinners online. The fast food restaurant is located in an area that is mainly industrial, with pretty high traffic.

STRATEGY/CAMPAIGN: When selecting promotional items, you need to know there are some items that are for long time use and others that are basically disposable (single use). We wanted to use a giveaways that's going to be around a while to get maximum exposure. We believe you receive better return on your investment this way. But sometimes the others work well too, in a high impact campaign. We learned that almost all the items were given to their customers in a brown paper bag. So we pointed them in the direction of a plastic BAG CLIP, which was used only on the bags of food that were ordered to go. So when their order was complete, instead of just folding the top of the brown bags, we attached a BAG CLIP. On the BAG CLIP was the link to their new online ordering website. Historically we know that people do not tend to giveaway BAG CLIPS. And they tend to use them on dog food, opened bags of chips and other items. Every time they look at this BAG CLIP, they are reminded of the easy online ordering and the drive thru service at Kings.

RESULT: After three months, people were actually asking for the BAG CLIP and there was a line every day for lunch at the drive through. Mostly from online orders.





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