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   Over 30 years of printing experience. We are what's referred to as "Printing Brokers". Almost any printer will tell you they can print almost anything. And most can. But the question is how competitive will their price be? Their price depends on how well that job fits their presses. The more waste there is in producing your material, the more expensive it will be. As Printing Brokers, we work with over 20 specialty printers who work in specific areas of printing ... business cards, flyers, envelopes, stickers, catalogs, etc. By matching your needs to these printers, we can get you the best prices. And we get paid

by the printer, not tacked on to the order. Call us today for a quote.



   If you need to buy awards for your employees or team, you might get overwhelmed by the selections. Let us see

if we can help. Basically there are 5 types

of awards: Plaques, Acrylic Awards, Crystal Awards, Figurine Awards and Trophies. Then inside these categories, you will find many, many more options. If you are a company looking for awards, the most important factor is ... do you want the awards to hang on the wall? Or sit on a shelf. Once this decision is made, you now have a direction. All of these awards today come in many different sizes and prices. The size of the award is usually determined by the amount of information you want engraved award plaques.

   The more basic the art, the better result that embroidery will yield. There are 3 things that embroidery does not like: THIN LINES, SMALL TYPE (inside the letters can fill in) and SHADES or GRADIENTS. When you are sending us your logo, please refer to the guidelines on the left: Sending Your Logo. It is very common for a company to need to tweak their logo for it to be embroidered. D/L And because thread colors often blend in with the shirt colors, there often needs to be one version done on LIGHT apparel and a different color scheme done on DARK apparel. On DARK apparel like navy or black, we usually use white thread for type.

   No matter what method of decorating

your project requires, the final quality of the job, depends on the quality of the artwork

we receive. Low resolution art used for the internet, JUST WON'T WORK (72 dpi). We need high resolution artwork used when you are printing your logo on a brochure (300 dpi+). When it comes to format, we strongly prefer an Adobe Illustrator file, we have version CS6. If you do not have this, the next best file is a high resolution PDF file in black and white (or color if that's all you have). Engraving or pad printing needs "line art",

(no tones, shades or gradients). Email art to: wcpromoresource@aol.com.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Imprinted Promotional Products ...

After 34+ years in this business, we have heard almost every question a client could ask. Below we have put together some of these questions and provided quick answers to them. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to call or email us anytime. We'd love to help your business grow. 

1. HOW TO GET PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS FAST?   As you probably know, most items ship within two weeks. And when you add the time for incoming shipping, which can take between 1 day and 5 days depending on where the items ship from, an order can take up to 3 weeks. With that said, more and more suppliers are offering faster and faster service. Unfortunately, most are still charging a RUSH charge for faster service (10 days to 1 day). But there are suppliers that are now offering a FREE 24 hours service if ordered by a certain time. For faster service on award plaques,

2. BEST DEALS ON PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS?This is a very competitive industry and for the most part and we all buy from the same suppliers. So how can you find the best deals? First of all have your retailer look for DISCONTINUED ITEMS, CLOSEOUTS and OVER STOCKED promotional merchandise. In addition to that we are giving lists of "MONTHLY SPECIALS" from various suppliers. One more thing, look for companies where you can deal directly with the owners. With salespeople or employees, the commissions are split, so there is less flexibility on pricing. Wholesale promotional products.

3. BEST PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS FOR (your industry)?   There are over 3500 manufacturers, suppliers and importers. Approved Distributors have databases and websites to quickly search for the items you need, with a wide variety of search criteria. Many of these suppliers offer monthly specials. Ask your retailer to search for these companies to help you save money.

4. BEST TRADE SHOW GIVEAWAYS?Every industry is different, but there are some promo giveaways that people attending trade shows need and others want. If you are looking for some of the most popular items, consider: PLASTIC BAGS, PERSONALIZED PENS, NOTEPADS, EMBROIDERED POLO SHIRTS or SOMETHING UNIQUE. To stand out, you need to have one item that sets you apart from your competition. Your Distributor can help you with this based on their vast experience.



6. HOW TO BUY PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS? There are four elements to the purchase of giveaways. First, we have the cost of the item, which almost always includes a one color imprint. Secondly, there is a setup charge per imprint color. Thirdly, if you are "in state", there is sales tax and Fourth, there's the cost of incoming shipping, based on the final weight, where it ships from and how fast you need it shipped.

7. WHICH GIVEAWAYS WORK BEST?There are two schools of thoughts. The most popular over the years has been USEFUL items. Like note pads, imprinted pens, letter openers, calendars, USB flash drives, apparel, laser engraved name badges, tote bags, desk accessories, coffee mugs and more. Because we all need to use these items every day in our business environments. And there is UNIQUENESS. If you can find something that stands out against your competition, it can help prospects remember you for years. But the overall key is personalization. If you can offer an item that has your client's name on it, these items are never thrown away. But they usually cost a little more.


A. GIVE TO YOUR EMPLOYEES TO REWARD & BUILD MORALE - If you are in business, then you probably know that employee turnover and training new staff, is one of the more expensive parts of running a company. So giving out items when employees achieve goals ... individually and/or as a department or as a company is a great way to reward employees and build value in your brand.

B. USE THEM AT TRADE SHOWS & LEAD GENERATION - Trade show booths are getting really expensive, so you want to make sure you get people to your booth. One way is the have the "coolest" item. Print your booth number on it so people will seek you out. Another way is to buy a two piece item like a clock and a battery. Send out the battery to a target list (people you want to come to your booth) and tell them if they bring the battery to your booth during the show, you have a gift for them to insert it into. Lots of ways to do this. This approach works for lead generation too.

C. GIVE TO PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS TO BUILD YOUR IMAGE - This speaks for itself. People love personalized pens, travel mugs, gym bags, custom stickers and decals, portfolios, custom 3 ring binders, personalized daily planners and other items. Sure they are not going to keep the item forever. If you can give a product away that a prospect uses for two weeks, a month or even three months, you are getting subliminal exposure. FACT: Research shows that pens are used 18.2 times a month by recipients.

9. WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO HAVE ITEMS SHIPPED? There are basically two ways to have items shipped. UPS and FEDEX. They both offer pretty much the same shipping options depending on how quick you need something delivered. This list is based on shipping across the United States. They are GROUND: takes 5 days, THREE DAY: takes 3 days, TWO DAYS: takes 2 days, NEXT DAY: 1 day, NEXT DAY AM: 1 day early. But we want to point out one thing. If you need something next day, depending on where it is coming from (location) ground may get it there in one day if they are within 200 miles. Don't pay extra if you don't need to. Ask your salesperson to check.FAST 

10. BEST PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS FOR MY BUSINESS? This is probably the toughest question we are asked. There are over 750,000 promo items. So what we do is try to find out what your MARKETING GOALS are for this promotion and your BUDGET. Only by having these two items can your specialist recommend items that will offer a "Return on Investment".

If you have a question, our "Promo Shoppers" can help!

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We often receive calls and emails for PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, CORPORATE AWARDS and EMBROIDERED POLO SHIRTS, who want to do the research themselves. And that’s fine. They ask for a printed catalog or an online catalog of ours. We are happy to direct you to our online catalog (CLICK HERE).

But we have a better idea for you! Let our “PromoShoppers” do the research for you. We know who to call to get the best prices on PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, EMBROIDEERED POLO SHIRTSand ENGRAVED AWARD PLAQUES.

The problem is if you do the research, the supplier you find could be located anywhere in the USA. Unfortunately, you don’t know where in the data base. And the incoming shipping cost can make a big difference in meeting your budget. Not to mention that if they're back East, it can take 3-5 days to arrive.
See the quote we’ll prepare below! 



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